The Thunder Drumming Troupe


Taiko Masala has thrilled audiences throughout the US with performances of Japan's traditional drumming - Taiko.
Founded by Master drummer Hiro Kurashima, Taiko Masala performes at concerts, festivals, museums and schools, in addition to its active teaching schedule.
By combining the training and discipline of Japanese martial arts with the precision and power of complex drumming, Taiko Masala brings visually stanning and breathless excitment to their performances.
Their arsenal of instruments, all hand made by the ensemble, range from small eight-inch hand-held drums, to five foot barrel drums, and features the giant 250 pound O-daiko.
Japanese instruments including Shakuhachi, Fue, Koto, and dancing add richness and color to their programs.


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Founder: Hiro Kurashima

Taiko Masala was formed in 2001 under the leadership and instruction of Suwa-style Master Drummer and Founder of the New York Suwa Taiko Association, Hiro Kurashima.  Based in Brooklyn, NY, Taiko Masala strives to carry on the tradition of Grand Master Daihachi Oguchi.  Grand Master Oguchi developed and introduced Suwa-style ensemble taiko drumming first to Japanese audiences in the 1950s and then to audiences around the world until his untimely death seven years ago.  Grand Master Oguchi’s goal was, and the intention of Taiko Masala and all the other Suwa Taiko Association teams in the New York Metropolitan area is, to spread the joy of taiko to as many people as possible.  Taiko Masala drummers—men and women of different ages, with different cultural, religious and music backgrounds; from different walks of life, for a wide range of personal reasons--come together with the intention to play well and share the joy of both traditional and contemporary taiko music with everyone.